Daniel Francis beats life-long stuttering through his new unique method, that is changing the lives of many

Public speaker and Stutter Coach, Daniel Francis, whose claim to fame is his master sales skills, natural leadership, and effective communication. All achieved through extensive training, practice, and thousands of hours of experience. Daniel coaches people who stutter to adopt his method of mastering the art of public speaking, which is a simple and effective way of overcoming communication and speech difficulties.

How to Take Your Life Experience and Turn it into an Impactful Business with Daniel Francis. 

At a young age, Daniel struggled with stuttering and as he he grew up, he used networking, public speaking, and sales to overcome his stutter. He has had a crazy journey during his life time... and now he's doing what he loves, teaching others on how to overcome their stutter.

Host of the 30 Day Speaker Summit

I interviewed 30 Top Communication Experts from all over the globe! Industry experts ranged from, CEOs, Doctors, Authors, Tops Sales People, Public Speaking Coaches, and Stutter Coaches! Our speakers have been featured in Forbes, TedTalks, HuffPost, BuzzFeed, Yahoo News, The American Reporter, IMDb, New York Weekly, and many more!

5 Public Speaking Lessons From ‘Master Your Stutter’ Coach Daniel Francis

Entrepreneur and public speaking coach Daniel Francis has helped hundreds of individuals overcome their speech impediment through the power of public speaking. The 27-year-old Canadian overcame his own stutter, not through speech therapy or technological aids, but through finding his voice in front of other people. In a recent conversation, Daniel shared five of his most practiced and polished tips when it comes to the art of public speaking and how it can help boost your confidence. 

From Stuttering To A Successful Public Speaker

Daniel Francis is a Communication and Public Speaking Coach for people who stutter. Daniel helps people who stutter, overcome their stuttering blocks and anxiety by learning the fundamentals of public speaking. Daniel struggled with his communication his entire life, and he is dedicated to help others unlock their communication potential. Daniel has publicly spoken on stage in front of 1000s, ran 100s of public speaking events, has sold 3000 sales door to door (Knocked on 100,000 residential doors), and was a sales director of a 4 Million dollar business by the day of 25 years old.
Daniel Francis 
Ontario, Canada

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